Who We Are

Thelma Beam

Thelma BeamI started my career fresh out of school with an MBA, and found myself working in marketing research. For twelve years I worked on both the client and supplier side, learning all about survey design and how big companies use information to steer their brands and products. During this time I was lucky enough to be trained by the internationally acclaimed marketing guru and author, Dr. Clotaire Rapaille of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide. He inspired me to make a course correction and head back to my roots – psychology. I went back to school, got a Certificate of Psychodynamic Studies, became a Certified Regression Therapist and a Certified Hypnotherapist, and started seeing psychotherapy clients. Boy, did my clients ever teach me a lot about how people think and make decisions! For example, I learned that:

  • Most decisions are not made rationally, but emotionally
  • The more important the decision, the less likely it is to be made rationally
  • People make decisions emotionally and then create an intellectual alibi to rationalize that decision.

In other words, people are not really aware of why they do things!

As a psychotherapist, I learned techniques that cut through people's defenses to reveal their true motivations, and I learned to do this quickly. Pushed by colleagues who were intrigued with what I do, I began to apply the principles and techniques from my psychotherapy practice to marketing problems of corporations. In the process, I realized that those great psychoanalytic thinkers I'd studied were quite brilliant and that many existing theories have a business application as well as a therapeutic one.

It works! When clients are surprised that they've learned something new and get inspired from the research, it makes me happy that I started Mind Meld Consulting Inc.


If you are ready to do something a little untraditional, please contact me or my research partners today to hear more about our approach.